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Petrow Quality Kernels

Petrow Quality Kernels supplies nuts and seeds to customers including leading manufacturers of bakery products and ready meals.

The company is based in Haverhill, Suffolk, in a well-invested factory with BRC Grade A accreditation and organic and Fairtrade certifications.

It supports customers large and small, offering bespoke market information, nut by nut, and helping buyers forecast consumption.

It can offer educational programmes for customers, such as its Nut Workshop, a three hours session giving an expert overview of the UK nut market and trends.

The company has the ability to develop specialist products and solutions for customers. It also works with customers to help make products more cost effective as required.

Petrow Quality Kernels can offer customers the reassurance that peanuts (the most common and severest allergen trigger) are not processed at its Haverhill site. They are also excluded from its supply chain.

Petrow Quality Kernels works closely with its sister business Petrow Food Industries, based in Perivale, London. Petrow Food Industries supplies a comprehensive range of dried fruits, also offering contract packing, mixing and processing.

Petrow Quality Kernels was acquired in 2013 from Yorkshire food group Zubrance, which had owned it since 2007.

It is now part of the C.J.Petrow Group of Companies, established in South Africa in 1954. This is a well-resourced group of more than 20 companies which employs over 500 people. It operates in countries including the UK, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and South Africa.


Petrow Quality Kernels uses the Palm Fruits brand on its imports of dried fruits.

The company works with its sister business Petrow Food Industries, based in Perivale, London a major dried fruits supplier.


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